My name is Taiya LeBlanc, I am a Canadian artist based out of Calgary Canada. My company name is Scrambled Honey, a name that me and my 3 kids invented together and it just stuck! No pun intended 🙂 I started my art business in 2016 creating pieces for my childrens school craft fair.  Things took off and since then there have been many learning curves that have brought me to where I am today.

I like to dabble in almost everything from simple statement pieces, rustic, and bohemian. I love bold bright colours. Finding inspiration in the natural surroundings Canada has to offer the beauty of the trees, wild animals and one of my best sellers, the mountains. You can find my work painted on locally sourced barn wood from the surrounding antique farms of Alberta. After masterfully assembling and sanding each piece myself,  I treat the wood in various stains or by using different burning methods to highlight the natural beauty and uniqueness of each piece, before I hand paint each one.

My most recent works reflect my new found creativity and passion for the beautiful tropics. My work can be found at the most amazing resort Anse Chastanet in St. Lucia. I’m also looking forward to partnering with another beautiful resort, Fushifaru in the Maldives in 2020.  The culture, the nature, and surroundings have ignited a new love of bringing out the beauty of these tropical places.

You can find me in person at many local Markets in Calgary. In between markets I work with a variety of locally owned stores in Western Canada where you can find many of my original pieces.

Pictures of my artwork can also be found on my Instagram or Facebook page @scrambledhoney. Commissioned pieces can be ordered on these sites or on my website at Some of my work can also be purchased at my partnering resorts.